The model is a smaller replica of Christopher Columbus's ships in the fleet, build scale 1/35, after the documentation prepared by researcher Xavier Pasteur and published by the publishing house Anatomy of the ship.
The model has participated in national and international championships, with the best results.


At the moment the model is in private collection.
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La Niña  was one of the three spanish ships used by the explorer Christopher Columbus in his first voyage  in 1492. As was tradition for Spanish ships of the day, she bore a female saint's name, Santa Clara. However, she was commonly referred to by her nickname, La Niña, which was probably a pun on the name of her owner, juan nino of moguer  She was a standard caravel-type vessel.
The Niña, like the Pinta and Santa María, was a smaller trade ship built to sail the Mediterranean sea, not the open ocean. It was greatly surpassed in size by ships like the peter von danzig of the hanseatic league, built in 1462, 51 m (167 ft) in length, and the english carrack grace dieu built during the period 1420–1439, 66.4 m (218 ft) in length and weighing between 1,400 tons and 2,750 tons.

On Columbus' first expedition, the Niña carried 24 men, captained by vincente yanez pinzon They left palos de la frontera on August 3, 1492, stopping at the canary islands on August 12, 1492, and continued westward. Landfall was made in the bahamas at dawn on October 12, 1492.

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