Bucovina Monitor as it looks in the interwar period.

The model is on the scale 1/300 and measures only 18 cm.


From spring of 1944, the seven monitors of the Romanian Navy, had been established in three groups fight, each cell arm with two units, one in Tulcea, all with two units, and the third in Braila, reserve, Arapu arm with three units.

Ships kept defensive positions calling the delta usually stand near one of the sides, covered with camouflage nets over the entire superstructure.

Mesh nets were filled with earthy patches, with reeds and green branches above, so that even an air observer can not distinguish real ship on shore vegetation.

Monitoarle Bukovina and Bessarabia were part of the First World War, The Austro-Hungarian lotila, The Danube and had been assigned to the Roman navy under the provisions of the Treaty of Trianon.